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American Football has been thrilling fans of all ages for over 100 years.

From its early roots in Rugby football; to the game nearly being banned because of player injuries and deaths, the sport has risen to heights that its founding father, Walter Camp, would have never thought possible.

Without question American football is America's most popular sport and has some of the most passionate fans of any sport, anywhere.

On every Friday night during the season, high school stadiums fill to capacity with students, teachers and parents rooting for their teams.

On Saturdays millions of college football fans fill stadiums, bars, and living rooms across the country in anticipation of some of the most exciting games you'll see.

And of course we have Sundays. This is when the best players and coaches in the world clash in hopes of achieving one goal...lifting the Lombardy trophy at season's end.

I built this website because I love American football, and I really enjoy researching the history of this great sport; as well as writing about the great teams and players that make football such a fun game to be a part of as a player, former player, or a passionate fan.

Within the pages of this site you’ll find information about the sport's history, strategy, equipment, players, and much more.

As a fan of high school, college, and pro football, I've always enjoyed watching the games because of the big hits that happen throughout each game. But I've come to really appreciate the history of the sport and its teams more and more.

Football becomes much more enjoyable as you not only learn more about the history and story behind your own favorite team, but you also learn to appreciate and respect other teams and franchises as well.

This site will be a continuous work in progress with the aim to provide interesting information about the sport we all love, so make sure to check back often as I will be continuously adding articles, photos, and videos to the site. is your site too…so enjoy!

American Football History is Fun and Interesting...really
American football history has it all-innovative men, great players, brutality and even death. But one thing American football history is not-boring.
American Football Players - The Great Ones
American football players have been thrilling us fans with their speed, power, and big hits for as long as we can remember. Find out who some of my all time favorite American football players are.
American football rules
American football rules can be confusing to the non-fan, so here is a basic run down of American football rules to help you better understand and enjoy the game.
American football equipment is more important than ever in today's game
American football equipment offers the modern day American football player protection against serious injury and death as they entertain sports fans all over the world.
NFL History:You Won't Find Anything Boring With This History Lesson
NFL history is a fascinating topic for the history buff or just your average American Football Fan.
Super Bowl History
Super Bowl History is filled with great plays and great drama that keeps us American football fans excited and talking long after the games are in the history books.
Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals can trace its history all the way back to the 19th century, making it the oldest franchise in the NFL
Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons have finally turned away from its losing ways as they continue to compete for championships each year.
Baltimore Ravens
The Baltimore Ravens play football the old fashion way.
Buffalo Bills
The Buffalo Bills have been thrilling and breaking the hearts of their fans for over 50 years.
Carolina Panthers
The Carolina Panthers have a young but very proud tradition of winning football.
Chicago Bears
The Chicago Bears have an iconic history of great players, coaches, and championships.
Cincinnati Bengals
The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the great franchises founded by one of the biggest icons in professional football; the great Paul Brown.
Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland Browns named after its legendary head coach, Paul Brown, are a franchise with a long, proud tradition.
Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most successful sports franchises of all time; over 50 years of great players and a winning tradition.
Denver Broncos
The Denver Broncos are one of the NFL's finest franchises with a history of great players and great teams.
Detroit Lions
The Detroit Lions have had more than its fair share of losing; but the franchise is on the verge of bringing back its glory days of the past.
Green Bay Packers
The Green Bay Packers are the NFL's most decorated franchise with 13 World Championships and more on the way.
Houston Texans
The Houston Texans are an up and coming franchise with some great talent and a very bright future.
Indianapolis Colts
The Indianapolis Colts have an impressive history of great players like Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning, and World Championships.
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jacksonville Jaguars have made great strides in building a great tradition that all its fans can be proud of.
Kansas City Chiefs
The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the original power house teams of the AFL and have one of the most interesting histories in the NFL.
Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins still lays claim to having the best team off all time as its '72 team still remains the only undefeated team in both regular and post season play.
Minnesota Vikings
The Minnesota Vikings have been thrilling and breaking the hearts of its fans for over 50 years.
New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints and its history is filled with paper bags, tragedy, and the Lombardy Trophy. New Orleans Saints history has it all.
New York Giants
The New York Giants are one of the league's elite teams proudly representing a great city and great fans.
New York Jets
The New York Jets are more than ready to once again claim the title as World Champions.
Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the league's dominate teams in the new century; and that's not about to change.
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A little about me and my love for American football.
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